Steps We Must Take Now

Our Challenges / Opportunities


Humanity has the following key challenges now:

  1. Prepare for Solar Flash: Our collective experience of the Solar Flash in 2027-2028 will depend on the level of consciousness of each person. The Cosmic Disclosure show explained that The Law of One simply requires that we be "51% service to others".

  2. Become Galactic Civilization: Become a galactic civilization as we take our seat on the new Super Federation Council for the first time in our history. Corey Goode, our Ambassador to the Council, said that there are opportunities for trade, but we will be excluded until we evolve.

  3. Recover Egyptian Wisdom: The Illuminati and other secret societies corrupted the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. A growing  number of authors are now restoring that philosophy that kept Egypt the light of the world for thousands of years. As more people read their books and watch their videos/DVDs, these ideas can provide a viable basis for a new system that is good for all of humanity and the planet.